Students fund campus weight room improvements

If a healthy student body is a happy student body, then the campus new weight room will thrill Fresno Pacific University students.

A contribution by Associated Students of Fresno Pacific College, an undergraduate student organization, is funding a variety of new equipment, and students are also renovating the rooms themselves.

So far $12,000 has been given, according to Larkin Hand, in-coming student body president and organizer of this project. She hopes student executive, which provided the money, will continue the effort during the 2001-02 school year. “It’s been my dream because I’ve worked in the weight room since my freshman year,” she said.

Updating the outmoded equipment and refurbishing the facilities will help the school in several ways. First, it will help all sports teams since all athletes must work out. “The equipment that was there made it hard for coaches to get them a good, rounded workout,” said Hand, a senior from Antioch, California, majoring in business with an international emphasis. Many other current students enjoy working out, as well, and will make good use of the benefits. Finally, a good weight room will help attract new students. “It will be exciting to kids coming in from high school,” Hand said. “It’s one more thing to draw them.”

Among the pieces of equipment are a cross extension machine, leg extension and leg curl machine, leg press machine, squat rack and lap pull-down machine for chest, shoulder and back exercises. There will also be a new bench press, with incline and decline benches, and new Olympic bars and weights.

There are also plans to replace the mirrors and clean the floor, walls and ceiling in the room, located in the Special Events Center. Hand will also work with the athletics staff to extend hours so students can use the equipment and increase monitoring so the equipment is cared for.