Feed Our Streets serves the neighborhood (video link)

Bryan Taylor, with the help of other members of the FPU family and beyond, served dinner to his neighborhood May 12. This was the first event hosted by Feed Our Streets, an organization Taylor founded to reach out to people who are everyone’s neighbors.

“God was just telling me to get out into my community and start bringing people together for conversations,” said Taylor, who is regional center information specialist at FPU. “The best place to do that seems to be the dinner table.”

In addition to the food, the 40-50 participants enjoyed balloon animals and an impromptu basketball game. Many expressed gratitude and were encouraged by those that served. Plans are for Feed Our Streets to serve a meal every Saturday from June 2 through September 8 in varied locations in Southeast Fresno.


For more information, or to help support the cause, visit feedourstreets.com