ASC Services


One-on-one tutoring is available to students for writing assignments across all disciplines, as well as for help with general education subjects. Sessions are generally 50 minutes long, and are available by appointment and through drop-in service.


Tutors will work with students as many times as needed, in all stages of the writing process, to help with development, organization and clarity. Please note that though we may offer help with grammatical issues, ASC does not provide guaranteed proofreading services.

General Education Subjects

Tutoring is available for math, accounting, economics and Spanish, and emphasizes collaborative and alternative methods of learning to help process classroom lectures and activities, as well as homework assignments.

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching provides students with a one-on-one, ongoing relationship through which guidance, accountability, feedback and encouragement are offered to help students manage their academic life and achieve higher levels of academic performance.

Academic Study Hall

Our academic study hall provides a space, a means for tracking study time, and tutors on hand should students need help processing their homework.

Disability Services

The Academic Support Center works with students under the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) to ensure that students with unique needs have equal access to all educational experiences. Physical accommodations in classroom and lab space, modifications of classroom presentation, and modifications in testing and course requirements are all ways to provide access to students with disabilities.

Exam Proctoring

To be used at the discretion of each professor, we provide a space and supervision for individual students to take exams who are not able to take them during the regularly scheduled time, or who due to a disability may need an alternate setting to take an exam.