Study Abroad Application - Greece Short Term

This application is for the Greece short term study abroad program.

After you submit this application, you will be contacted by the FPU Global Education office for instructions on next steps and to confirm your participation!

Contact Aimee Bogna at or Marshall Johnston at for other questions about the program.

(house or apt. number, street, city, zip)
(if different from campus address)
(parent or guardian)
(Your passport needs to be valid at least through June of next year.)
(If you don't yet have a passport, please include your name as it WILL BE printed on your passport. This is normally the same as it appears on your birth certificate.)
(Put undecided if you are not sure.)
Please mention 1) any previous contacts that you might have had with things related to Greece; 2) any special interests or reasons that you might have for wanting to participate in the FPU Greece study program; and 3) any special interests you have that you want to pursue while you are in Greece.
(diet, health restrictions, allergies, medications, etc.)
Two FPU faculty, staff or administration references: