June 30, 2021


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September 2020Inquiry Circles Begin Meeting
January 2021Inquiry Circle First Drafts Due
April 2021FPU Town Hall
June 2021Final Draft Submitted to WSCUC
September 2021Off-site review
Spring 2022On-site reaffirmation visit

The eight Circles and their respective contacts are divided into the following areas of investigation:

  1. Meaning, Quality, and Integrity of Degrees from FPU (Mrs. Danielle Jeffress, Registrar)
  2. Educational Quality at FPU: Student Learning, Core Competencies, and Standards of Performance at Graduation (Dr. Ron Herms, Dean, HRSS)
  3. Student Success at FPU: Retention, Graduation, and Student Learning (Dr. Karen Cianci, Dean, SNS)
  4. Quality Assurance and Improvement at FPU: Program Review, Assessment, and Use of Data and Evidence (Dr. Candi Alexander, Director, OIE)
  5. Sustainability, Financial Viability, and Preparing for the Changing Higher Education Environment (Dr. Robert Lippert, CFO)
  6. Diversity at FPU (Dr. Quentin Kinnison, Program Director)
  7. Decision-Making Processes at FPU (Dr. Katie Fleener, Dean, SOB)
  8. Communication Systems at FPU (Dr. Valerie Rempel, Vice President and Dean of Seminary)