Strategic Priorities


  1. Nurture and mature a Christ-centered community.
  2. Improve the collection and veracity of data and effectiveness of data systems that contribute to University decision-making.
  3. Develop a comprehensive transfer experience that will support persistence and student success.
  4. Break ground and begin construction on the Culture and Arts Center.
  5. Outline and begin implementation of a professional development plan for mid-level managers.
  6. Implement retention strategies for TUG and create a retention plan for DC students.
  7. Explore and initiate strategies for new revenue streams.
  8. Establish priority community engagements, partnerships and public relations venues for 2019-20.
  9. Implement new and reimagined curricular and co-curricular programs across the university.
  10. Complete a comprehensive assessment of all areas of IT to determine capacity and future need.
  11. Restructure the administrative, academic, and support models at the regional campuses to bolster effectiveness.
  12. Organize, identify training, and implement initial steps for the Center for Teaching & Learning.
Strategic Priorities 2018-2019
  1. Nurturing and maturing a Christ-centered community
  2. Broaden university-wide communications
  3. Improve sustainable financial health
  4. Plan and prepare for FPU’s 75th Anniversary
  5. Design and implement a Comprehensive Advancement Plan
  6. Develop a Campus Master Plan
  7. Clean up internal processes related to students
  8. Build data consistency across campus (Technology Plan)
  9. Improve academic efficiencies (Academic Plan)
  10. Develop a plan to determine the future of the Bakersfield Campus