Sources of Credit

Students may earn credit towards the 120 unit degree requirement in the following ways:

  1. Allowable transfer credits from other approved higher educational institutions. Credit is awarded only when the content does not overlap or repeat courses to be completed in the Fresno Pacific University major.
  2. After students earn credit for an upper-division course they may not earn credit for a lower-division course in the same subject matter.

Documented Military Training

Units awarded for documented military training are based upon the ACE Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services recommendations or official transcripts from military branches. A copy of a DD214 is required for any military units.

Fresno Pacific College Credit

Degree completion (DC) students may register for Fresno Pacific courses not included in their major by completing a Request for DC Student to Take Traditional UG Course form, which must be approved by a DC assessment counselor. Traditional college courses include units that may be awarded via independent study and credit by examination.

Credit by Examination

The number of units allowed for Credit by Examination will be determined by the number of units awarded according to the current Fresno Pacific University catalog for the course being challenged.

Transcript Evaluation and Transfer Policy

All documents used for transcript evaluation must be official and unopened.

  1. A maximum of 70 semester units may be transferred from regionally accredited two year institution(s). A maximum of 30 semester units may be transferred from unaccredited institutions if approved by the CDC Assessment Office.
  2. Courses with a credit/no credit may be transferred providing that the standard for the pass grade is equal to or above a grade of C- at the institution from which the course is taken.
  3. A maximum of 15 units from credit/no credit courses are allowed.
  4. Units will be awarded for documented, college-level learning based upon American Council of Education (ACE) recommendations.
  5. Credit will be awarded for documented college-level learning obtained in the military.
  6. Credit for CLEP subject examinations is equal to that of the Fresno Pacific University course to which it corresponds. The university will use the minimum score for awarding credit according to ACE recommendations. A maximum of 30 CLEP units will be accepted.
  7. Students may be granted a maximum of 3 semester units of credit for each subject in which they have submitted scores of 3 or higher on Advanced Placement Tests and other achievement examinations as approved by the DC assistant registrar.

If you are a current student and have questions, please contact your advisor. If you are a prospective student, please call the Degree Completion Admission Office at 888-328-0378.