Pascal Kulungu

Pascal Kulungu graduated from FPU with a BA Business Administration-Accounting, 1997 and an M.A. in Organizational Leadership - peacemaking and conflict studies, 1998. Founder of the Center for Peacebuilding, Leadership and Good Governance, he was elected as Member of the Parliament of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Building bridges always came naturally to Pascal. Ever before setting foot on Fresno Pacific University's campus, Pascal carried a peacemaking spirit. Pascal knew that his drive to inspire peace among people was a calling from God; a calling that took him from his home country of the Democratic Republic of Congo all the way to the United States. After earning both his bachelor's and master's degrees at FPU, Pascal returned to Congo and founded the Center for Peacebuilding, Leadership and Good Governance—the first of its kind in the nation. Pascal also led the Mennonite Brethren Church of Congo Health Department, and was finance director and professor at the Christian University in Kinshasa. Pascal continued to put his leadership and peacebuilding skills to use by training hundreds of students, pastors and rising political leaders in Congo until he passed in January 16, 2019, five days after being elected to Parliament.