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Fresno Pacific Theater Auditions

Auditions are open to all FPU students. Fresno Pacific Theater welcomes diversity in casting. Auditionees must be available for rehearsals weekday evenings.

  • Changes of Heart by Marivaux (adapted by Stephen Wadsworth)
  • Tuesday, September 8, at 6 pm / Callbacks September 9, 6 pm
  • Theater Lab, Kriegbaum Hall Basement (KBH 21)
  • Rehearsals – September 14 - November 11 (weekday evenings, 6-10 pm, 4 evenings a week/TBD)
  • Performances – November 12-14, 19-21 (Thursdays-Saturdays, 8 pm)
  • Roles: 7-8 women,  3-4 men

Silvia - a village girl, abducted by the Prince, who wishes to marry her, she loves Harlequin
Harlequin - a village boy, who goes to the court to rescue his beloved Silvia
The Prince - required by law to marry a commoner, he is trying to win Silvia’s love
Trivelin - (may be played by a woman, as a breeches role) servant to the Prince, his job is to attend to Silvia and win her affections away from Harlequin
Flaminia - servant to the Prince, she tries to help him win Silvia’s love 
Lisette - Flaminia’s sister, employed in the plot to woo Harlequin’s affections away from Silvia
4 Village Maidens - young ladies, 2 will also play ladies of the court, 2 will play valets (breech roles)
Lord - man of the court

Changes of Heart, or The Double Inconstancy is an 18th century French comedy/romance by the famous-in-France playwright Pierre Carlet de Marivaux, written in 1723 for the Comedie Italienne in Paris.

Contact the director, Julia Reimer, at for more information.


FPT productions sometimes require special furniture or property pieces. Loans are appreciated. Donations of small items are also welcome. Receipts are available for donations.

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