Group of students holding award
Group of students holding sign for Shalom Club

Fresno Pacific is proud to be home to a variety of student clubs ranging from academic-oriented to personal interests. You can find a full list of active clubs for the 2020-2021 academic year, below. The Sunbird community is always open to the formation of new clubs!

Anime Club

The mission of the Anime club is to invite the FPU students into the anime community to learn of different narratives through a lens of Japanese cultural perspective.

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Athletes of Color Alliance (AOCA) Club

The Athletes of Color Alliance will serve as a student led forum for student athletes of Fresno Pacific to collaborate on issues of social justice in our community, creating a safe space for identification of community service opportunities, community education and cultural awareness events, amplify young voices of color, collective action relative to social issues, and serve as a conduit to a solutions oriented approach to continuing conversation and action on working towards a more equitable world and addressing cultural bias and systemic racism.

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Black Student Union (BSU) Club

Our mission is to promote a safe and welcoming environment that will uplift, support, and encourage Black/African American students at FPU; we will showcase unity by prioritizing social activism, community service, and assembling with our peers to voice concerns in a nonjudgmental setting.

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Criminologists of FPU Club

As the Criminologist club of FPU, we aspire to create a resourceful and welcoming environment to encourage students to get involved in their local communities and to help enrich their career goals in their Criminal Justice career. We host meetings, events, and trips related to the Criminal Justice field.

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Delight Ministries Club

Our mission is to invite college women into Christ-centered community that fosters vulnerability and transforms stories.

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The Historians Club

We are dedicated to encouraging a global perspective and thoughtful analysis of events present in relation to the past through education and exploration of history. We want to provide a place for all students wanting to understand the past and present so that together, we can all create a better future.

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Kappa Phi

Kappa Phi is a lifelong supportive Christian sisterhood expressed through service, study, and worship. Our Purpose for the Kappa Phi Club is a Christ-centered organization for University women. It provides and opportunity for, and challenges them to better understand God, others, and themselves, to realize their potential, to build a supportive community, to be active leaders within the Church, and to commit themselves to positive action.

Latinx Student Union Club

Our mission is to create a safe environment for the Latinx students at Fresno Pacific University to be able to learn, grow, and feel united through the struggles that our community faces while Striving to collaborate in the effort of providing more resources and services to Latinx students.

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Math Club

As the math club at FPU, we hope to create a welcoming to all students and ignite a curiosity about math. We hope to show that math does not have to be scary or intimidating but is fun and artistic.

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Mental Health Matters FPU Psychology Club

Our mission as a club is to provide students with a place to connect and feel supported mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and vocationally. This club will offer space to support each other’s mental wellness, uplift and encourage each other, and learn more about opportunities and careers in the psychology field.

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Model United Nations (Model UN) Club

As the Model United Nations Club of Fresno Pacific University, we are dedicated to cultivating productive forums on a variety of international issues with the goal of developing multi-faceted solutions through diplomacy. We strive to provide an environment for all interested students to grow as public speakers, learn how to build professional connections, and how to think analytically about the world around them.

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Pre-Health Club

Our mission is to provide pre-health students with out of the classroom opportunities, experiences, and mentorship applicable to their major and career goals.

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Pre-Pharmacy Club

We are dedicated to exposing interested members to all aspects of pharmacy as a career. We want to equip these students with the skills, information, and networking necessary to achieve their goal of getting into a pharmacy school, more specifically, the CHSU School of Pharmacy. Most importantly, we want to build lasting relationships between these students and provide an accepting and uplifting environment.

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Publication Club

Our mission is to provide access, resources, and outlets for FPU students, alumni, staff, and faculty to publish their written or visual creative works. The Publication Club seeks to promote and celebrate the artists of FPU so they may not only learn about but also gain practical experience with the world of publication. One aspect of the club is the Green Light journal where we feature pieces written by our FPU community members.

Shalom Club

Shalom Club seeks to connect students to each other, their environment, and their food by engaging in conversation, serving our community, and having fun.

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Students Ending Exploitation (S.E.E.) are a collection of like minded students from a wide variety of backgrounds. We carry a strong drive to share knowledge to our peers about human tracking in order to prevent it.

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Social Work Club

Our mission is to provide students with community service opportunities by offering opportunities to work with various cultural groups, while empowering people to get involved while shedding light to community.

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Turning Point USA at Fresno Pacific University (TPUSA) Club

Our goal is to promote the principles of freedom, free markets, and limited government. All questions, concerns, and comments related to any of the clubs can be sent to

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