Group of students holding award
Group of students holding sign for Shalom Club

Lacrosse Club

The Sunbird’s Lacrosse club is a women’s lacrosse club that welcomes beginner to advanced players of all fitness levels who want to experience the sport, but most importantly have fun and to make friends.

AMSA Pre-health club

Our mission is to provide you opportunities, experiences and mentorship applicable to your health care related major and career goals outside of the classroom.

Pharmacy Club

We are dedicated to exposing interested members to all aspects of pharmacy as a career. We want to equip these students with the skills, info and networking necessary to achieve their goal of getting into a pharmacy school, more specifically, the CHSU School of Pharmacy. Most importantly, we want to build lasting relationships between these students and provide an accepting and uplifting environment.

FPU Disc Golf

Our goal is to organize a series of events for students to play disc golf on campus and at our nearby courses. We look to create an exciting and semi-competitive environment for our members. We encourage all to join regardless of time availability, skill, or experience.

Social Work Club

Provide students with community service opportunities by offering opportunities to work with various cultural groups. Empower people to get involved while shedding light to community needs.

Shalom Club

Shalom Club seeks to connect students to each other, their environment, and their food by engaging in conversation, serving our community, and having fun. 
What we do:  Shalom Hour (potluck with conversations about the environment), working on our on-campus garden and greenhouse, sustainability crafts, Sustainability Day/Earth Day, hiking, and more! 
Follow us on our social media sites to see what we’ve done: 
Facebook - @FPUShalomClub 
Instagram - @fpushalom 
Twitter - @FPUShalomClub

Anime Club

The mission of the Anime club is to invite the FPU students into the anime community to learn of different narratives through a lens of Japanese cultural perspective. We have monthly meetings and events in which we have activities and discussions about anime and other media platforms connected to many forms of popular culture. There’s opportunities for all members to lead discussions, socialize, stay updated with anime community news and learn more about Japanese culture!

Criminologists of FPU

Mission Statement: As the Criminologist club of FPU, we aspire to create a resourceful and welcoming environment to encourage students to get involved in their local communities and to help enrich their career goals in their Criminal Justice career. We host meetings, events, and trips related to the Criminal Justice field. Though you do not have to be a Criminal Justice major, students with this major are encouraged to join as there may be extra credit opportunities and valuable information.
Instagram: fpucrim

FPU Publishing Club- The Green Light

The FPU publishing club provides members of the FPU community with an outlet to share their creative works.  Our club’s main focus is the Green Light Journal, which accepts short fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, scripts, drawings and more.  Contact

The Butterfly Club

Our club is a bible study setting that meets once every other week and discusses themes within the bible. Our mission is to provide a safe and judge free environment for all ethnic and cultural backgrounds at Fresno Pacific. We welcome all cultural backgrounds with or without knowledge of the Bible or Jesus Christ.

International Club 

As an international club, we are organizing events and trips in order to provide better college experience for both international and American students. Since most of the international students study abroad without having family or friends in the United States, international club is trying to fill in that gap and establish strong relationships and friendships between the students. Additionally, there are a lot of students who did not have a chance to visit some of the great places in California, and fortunately we will be able to organize events so they can get more familiar with American culture and tradition.

The Syrinx

The Syrinx (pronounced "SEAR INKS") is the student newspaper of Fresno Pacific University. It is published 3-4 times per semester. The name refers to the vocal organ of a bird.


Our mission is to inform, review, challenge and foster dialogue about issues, events and ideas within our immediate FPU community and the world at large. 


The Syrinx desires to be the voice box and mirror of the FPU community by providing a resource where information can be sought and a medium through which ideas can be communicated. The intent of The Syrinx is to be an impetus, which provokes thought and provides clarity of understanding. The Syrinx hopes to enhance the experience of life within its community.


To fulfill its role as the voice and mirror of the FPU community, The Syrinx staff will work to become familiar with the diverse facets of community life, such as student social life, student government, the wide range of programs and functions, academics, faculty and administration. Coverage of community life will be provided through new articles, feature stories, commentaries and editorials in each issue. The staff will work actively to encourage others within the community to present their voice and talent in The Syrinx.

How to participate

There are many ways for FPU students to participate in the school newspaper. The Syrinx is always seeking student writers, photographers, videographers, and social media contributors. Here are the three main ways students can contribute to The Syrinx:

  • Guest contributors are students who occasionally contribute content for the newspaper (e.g., write a column, cover an event, take photographs).
  • Staff contributors are students who enroll in Journalism Practicum (COM 155) and earn one activity unit per semester. Staff members contribute content to the newspaper regularly and attend weekly staff meetings.
  • Editors are students who are selected through an application and interview process. Successful applicants often have previous experience with The Syrinx and other publications, although any student may apply. Editors are awarded scholarships. They are responsible for overseeing the production of the paper. They meet twice weekly and contribute significantly to the production of The Syrinx.

Students who are interested in participating should contact