Q & A with an FPU International Student

We thought it might be helpful for you to read answers to common questions from a current international student, Drinnette. She has recently completed her first year at FPU.

1. What kind of scholarships did you receive from FPU?

I received an academic scholarship and an international scholarship which helped me a lot.

2. How did you get money to pay for your education?

My parents helped me along with the scholarships and grants I received.

3. Which is better: living in dorms or living off campus?

I love living on campus in the dorms. It is always fun living with so many different people. I love going outside and always having someone to interact with. It’s also very convenient that I don’t have to commute all the time.

4. What were the temptations you faced?

I was tempted to stay up late and not go to my early class the next morning. It was also tempting to hang out with friends instead of do school work.

5. Is it good to have a roommate or not?

Yes! Roommates are always fun because they can help you get to know more people if you have a hard time meeting people at first. You can introduce them to people that you know and they can do the same for you. They can end up being like a family member to you.

6. Is it better to have one major to pursue or be open to other things?

I like to focus on my one major instead of getting busy with others. I think having more than one major might be tough, but it does look really good on a resume.

7. How did you find your major?

For me, it has always been something that I have been interested in. I love to study in my classes and really enjoy listening to lectures—also I am really good at it! That’s always a good sign that you are pursuing the right major.

8. What was it like for you as an international student to attend the school you went to?

At first it was difficult because I had no idea what to expect and it was hard to be away from my family, but I made lots of friends here at FPU and that helped me get through the hard times. I enjoy my time here now and have an easier time balancing talking to my family on the phone and being a student here.

9. How have you managed financially through college?

I rely on scholarships and I also work on-campus.

10. What did you have to do to get admitted to the college?

I had to keep up a high GPA in high school and pass the TOEFL.

11. How were you able to adjust to the environment?

I took it one day at a time. I had my hard days but I definitely had a lot good days, and I enjoy being a student at FPU. I think making friends is easy here since everyone is so close. Having good friends helped me adapt to the different culture.

12. Would you suggest having a part-time job while in college?

Sure! If the workload isn’t too much and you can balance being a student and an employee, then it can be fun. I love that I can meet new people when I go to work. Plus, I can network with other offices and get to know all the different staff on campus.

13. What was it like to be far away from home?

At first it was hard and I got homesick a lot. Over time it is easier to manage talking on the phone with my family and being a student here. I do miss them and it can be hard but friends do help!

14. Did you have trouble meeting the standards at FPU?

No, it wasn’t so hard. Because I lived on campus I was able to go to class on time and not be rushed.

15. Do they offer tutoring at FPU?

We have the Academic Support Center on campus. Students can make an appointment with a tutor for various subjects free of charge.

16. Can you share a little about your experience in college?

Apart from all the classes and homework, it is really nice getting to know the professors and other FPU students on campus. The school events are amazing too!

17. Your challenges?

Keeping up with school work can be challenging. Balancing friends, family and school can be even more challenging.

18. How have you survived?

I ate a lot of food and kept up a good sleeping habit to keep healthy. Over time, balancing everything becomes easier.

19. How is the diversity at your college?

We have 113 international students represented from over 40 countries! We are pretty diverse!

20. Do you have any advice for going to college in the states?

Keep up your grades in high school. The higher your GPA (grade point average), the higher scholarship you will receive. Try to improve your English language as much as you can before you come here. The more English you know, the easier it is in class.”

21. How are the people there? Are they nice? Friendly?

Most people are super friendly! You will eventually get to know all the faces on campus and talk to most people.

22. Do you have any challenges with your American roommate?

We get along really well! I have a hard time thinking of any challenges we have had.