Provost Faculty Scholarship Recipient

Walter Saul, D.M.A.

For the occasion of the Fresno Pacific University Community Wind Ensemble's Carnegie Hall concert in April 2009, Walter Saul, music faculty, arranged his "Prelude and Fugue in C# Minor." The composition is part of Saul's From Alpha to Omega, a series of 48 preludes and fugues, starting with A major and ending with G# minor, the Alpha and Omega of the musical alphabet.

Saul had three goals: "to provide a new and significant piece of literature for wind ensemble, to provide an added 'cachet' for the Community Wind Ensemble's Carnegie Hall debut and to provide an example and model of scoring for my Music 411 Scoring and Arranging class," he says.

The work is used in Saul's scoring and arranging class for discussion and to illustrate how students may create similar arrangements for the Community Wind Ensemble. In turn, some of these arrangements may be played by the ensemble.

FPU created the Provost Research Grant in 2008 to encourage faculty to develop their scholarship. Awards have been given in fields from science to religion and have funded the creation of new music and the translation of ancient languages. Read the full Provost Faculty Scholarship report which includes all the faculty recipients and an overview of their work.

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