Sarah Carter (BA '08)

Music major, performance/composition and secondary teaching emphases

Sarah admits to taking different classes because they sounded fun which is part of the reason why she has a double emphases to her major and was too busy to plan for graduate school. She was a music major with emphases in performance/composition and also in secondary teaching. Planning to take a year off to research and apply to graduate schools, work, give private piano lessons and play in the wind ensemble, Sarah's future goal is to get her master's in orchestral conducting.

"Right away I fell in love with the faculty at FPU and the way things were done. If I was struggling with something, I could go to the professor and he would be there to help me. They would ask me how I was doing and mean it. They were not intimidating because their kindness was disarming. They are professors with the love of Christ in their hearts."

"Dr. Klassen was the biggest inspiration to me. I joined the choir my junior year, and I also took conducting with him. He is phenomenal and is truly an un-sung hero. People do not realize how amazing he is. He takes this group of about 40 students with only a handful of them being music majors, and he transforms us into this choir that can sing circles around other groups. I know that sounds prideful, but it is true. He is inspirational and encouraging. He shares his own struggles which make him more endearing. And he was a great mentor, giving me opportunities for leadership and growth. He was always concerned with me. What was best for me?"

"I plan to continue playing in the Fresno Pacific Community Wind Ensemble conducted by Patricia DeBendetto. We were invited to play in Carnegie Hall, and it is a big deal to be invited. My summer project is transcribing a Beethoven piece. If I do it well, it will be added to our repertoire and I might have the opportunity to conduct it in concert."

"At FPU it is all about the people--the relationships. I don't think I would have received this kind of education somewhere else. I could have got a degree, but not the chance to work with these kind of people. They have made me who I am and shaped the well-rounded individual I am becoming."