Krista Moore (BA '08)

Music major, secondary teaching and performance/composition emphases

With future plans that include being an elementary, junior high or high school music teacher, a college music professor and also a symphony or philharmonic musician, Krista Moore is currently a student in the FPU teacher credential program. She considered the music department a home outside of home and appreciates the impact each of the music professors had in her life.

"From my very first interaction with students from Fresno Pacific I thought it would be a perfect fit for me, but I had no idea how I would afford it. I applied to several schools and received scholarships and even a full-ride, but when I auditioned for Wayne Huber right away I recognized something very different here. He was so humble and instead of promoting the university, he prayed for me to know God's plan for my life. I felt sure this was where God wanted me to go, and eventually I received the financial aid I needed and was able to come. God has provided every year, and I was even able to study abroad in England for a semester."

"From mentorship and almost a second father role to self-less and caring examples, I have been so blessed by my professors. Each one was inspiring and encouraging as well as excellent in their field. They pushed and motivated and prepared us for the next step. Students are their investment as well as their legacy."