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Career Assessments

The Career Development and Experiential Learning Center (CDELC) offers assessments covering career interests, personality style, values, skills, talents, strengths, and emotional intelligence. These assessments are tools in self-discovery and will help you develop a profile of yourself.

Contact a career counselor to review the details of the assessments and schedule your free online assessment. Discussing the results of any assessment with a trained career counselor is important, as they can help you make sense of your results and guide you in making a deliberate and thoughtful career development plan.


Strong Interest Inventory (SII)

  • An online career assessment  
  • Measures your interests in occupations, school subjects, work-related and leisure activities 
  • Discover matching career suggestions based on Holland Codes 
  • Review your personalized SII Profile results with a career counselor 
  • Utilize O*NET to learn and explore careers of your interests 

My Next Move (by O*Net)

  • An online career assessment  
  • Find matching career suggestions based on Holland Codes 
  • Review career descriptions including the education requirements and projected salaries 
  • An online free report or create a free profile to save your results 

Clifton Strengths 

  • An online talent assessment  
  • Discover what you naturally do best 
  • Learn how to develop your greatest talents into strengths  
  • Use your personalized results to maximize your effectiveness  
  • Deepen strengths understanding and appreciation 
  • Identify relevant action steps to leverage your talents in many settings 
  • Learn how to build capacity, increase motivation, and exercise self-stewardship

Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-I 2.0)

  • An online social and emotional assessment  
  • Examines your social and emotional strengths and weaknesses 
  • Discover how your emotional and social skills influence your decisions and how you interact with others 
  • Learn how to leverage your emotional intelligence to achieve effective communication, collaboration, leadership and interpersonal relationships 

Resource for Self-Reflection on Finding Yourself

  • A guide to finding yourself- read this article to learn about the importance of discovering who you really are. Watch the video within this article to learn about the importance of developing your own values and ideas.