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The Samaritan Leadership Program

The Samaritan Leadership Program is for undocumented, academically prepared, first-time FPU freshman or transfer students who have completed their high school education in California. Its purpose is to provide a fruitful higher education experience and equip students to be servant leaders and scholars through opportunities for leadership development, mentoring, and community service. 


  • Must be an undocumented student.
  • Must have attended and graduated from a high school in California.
  • Must have filed and submitted the California Dream Act Application.

Program Expectations (if selected)

All Samaritan Students must:

  • Enroll as a full-time student at FPU (equivalent to a minimum of 12 units per semester).
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0

    • Mid-semester reporting (grade checks) required

  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings as set by program coordinator(s)

  • Participate in a(n) activity/program/service event that benefits the community (Fresno Pacific community and/or the Central Valley) each semester

  • Be committed to fulfilling program responsibilities as follows as determined by academic standing:

    • Freshmen/ First-year students:

      • Connect with a third- or fourth-year Samaritan student who will serve as a peer mentor

      • Meet regularly with program coordinator(s) to develop and progress toward a four-year academic success plan

    • Second-year students:

      • Seek out a mentor with whom you can connect regarding your area of study, career aspirations, etc.

    • Third- and Fourth-year students:

      • Engage FPU’s campus as a leader and a scholar by securing a service position in a campus department of interest/study

      • Serve as a peer mentor for first-year Samaritan students

  • Consent to an annual review with program coordinator(s) to review achievements

Samaritan Leadership Program Application Steps

  1. Apply and be admitted to Fresno Pacific University by the established deadlines.
  2. Submit a completed Samaritan Leadership Program Application and email to
  3. Submit a Personal Statement
    1. Your personal statement should:
      1. Help the scholarship committee understand who you are (share your migration journey, your gifts and talents, your career goals)
      2. Explain your motivation for pursuing your college education at Fresno Pacific University
      3. Detail how your qualities and experiences will help you be academically successful
      4. Be 2-3 pages in length (12 pt. font, double-spaced)
  4. Submit a recommendation letter attesting to your leadership and academic qualities. It is preferred to have a letter from a mentor/teacher or someone from the community who can attest to your leadership skills. Letters can be mailed to Office of Undergraduate Admission 1717 S. Chestnut, Fresno, CA or emailed to
  5. Submit California Dream Act by March 2nd for financial aid at

Deadlines to Apply

All steps must be completed prior to the deadlines to be considered.

Priority deadline for Spring: December 1

After December 1, scholarship applications will be accepted on a rolling basis if funds are available.

Priority deadline for Fall: March 2

After March 2, scholarship applications will be accepted on a rolling basis if funds are available

Download the application

For more information about campus support, financial aid, and resources for undocumented students, please visit our Dreamer Student Resources page.