Highly Qualified Student Teaching

The Highly Qualified Student Teaching (HQST) project is a partnership between Fresno Pacific University and Fresno Unified School District that is focused on preparing teachers to meet the needs of under-performing students. Work began four years ago with an invitation from Michael Hansen, FUSD superintendent, to Linda Hoff, FPU teacher education program director. Co-directed by Linda Hoff and Roberta (Bobbi) Jentes Mason, the HQST partnership aims to increase student achievement, prepare new teacher-leaders to teach effectively, and stimulate collaboration between K-12 educators and teacher education program faculty.

Distinctive Features:

  • Dual placements
  • Year-long placements
  • Professional learning communities
  • Immersion in school community

How to Apply for This Scholarship:

You must be admitted to the single subject credential program. Once admitted, complete the HQST application form (below) and meet with Roberta (Bobbi) Jentes Mason to discuss your options.