FPU’s new MAT program helps new teachers succeed

By wayne.steffen on January 23, 2013 @ 6:11am
McDonald Hall fountain

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) with a preliminary multiple or single subject credential is open to students enrolled in the FPU teacher credential program, or who have completed their credential at FPU in the last five years and are teaching full time. Students beginning the credential program may either move directly into the program by enrolling in their first post-credential MAT course when they begin teaching, or wait until they have taught for a couple of years. "The faculty and advisors are prepared to work with students individually to determine the timing and pace of their course plans," said Linda Hoff, Ph.D., professor of education and chair of the Division of Teacher Education. 

Post-credential courses begin in the fall of 2013 with an expected enrollment of at least 50 students. These classes will be online. MAT coursework is 12 units beyond the credential, for a total of 46 units for single subject candidates or 47 units for multiple subject candidates. Full-time and part-time scheduling options are available and students may complete classwork in as few as three semesters.

MAT instruction will help teachers understand and use the Common Core State Standards, guidelines so far adopted by 45 states and the District of Columbia that set standards for what students are taught in each grade. California adopted the standards in 2010 and will fully implement them in 2013-2014. Another advantage for teachers is that having a master's degree will help them earn more income, since salaries are based partly on post-B.A. coursework.

Another plus for teachers who complete the MAT is that they are prepared to pursue other master's degrees and certificates in education offered by FPU, such as administrative services, special education, curriculum and teaching and more. "We would like our teachers to see Fresno Pacific as their professional home," Hoff said.

The MAT will be offered at the main campus in Southeast Fresno and at all regional centers: North Fresno, Merced, Visalia and Bakersfield. For more information, call 559-453-2282 (Fresno and Merced), 559-453-4103 (Visalia) or 661-617-4521 or 661-617-4522 (Bakersfield).