Education Job Fair draws more schools, districts

By wayne.steffen on March 20, 2014 @ 4:10am

Representatives from about 40 Valley schools and districts (10 more than last year) interviewed approximately 85 prospective teachers at the job fair, sponsored by the FPU School of Education. The event was the largest of its kind in years and the Special Events Center was crowded with colorful banners and occupied interview tables. Reflecting the increase in area teaching positions after years of budget belt-tightening, several participants—including Valley Prep Charter, Merced High School, Kern High School, Crescent View Charter and Reef Sunset and Golden Plains districts—were either new to the Job Fair or have not taken part recently. And those districts came with lists of open positions.

Univision (Channel 21) covered the Job Fair, interviewing Darrell Blanks, director of multi-subject programs, and student Miguel Acosta, who had that morning accepted a position with Tulare Unified School District.