Luncheon honors faculty and staff

By wayne.steffen on May 15, 2013 @ 6:51am

The annual event was May 9 in Shehadey Dining Room on the main campus. Among the highlights was the presentation of President's Distinguished Service Awards. Registrar Linda Pryce-Sheehan, Ed.D., received the award for administration and Zachary Durlam, D.M.A., director of choral activities for faculty. Staff awards went to MaryJo Burchard, assistant director, School of Education graduate admissions, Visalia Center, and Jonathan Maher, director of systems analysis.

Recognition was also given for those completing milestones in their years of service. Dennis Janzen, Ph.D., director of athletics, and Peter Wasemiller, assistant professor of business administration/law and ethics, were honored for 30 years. Gary Estes, chief accountant; Delores Friesen, Ph.D., professor of marriage and family therapy; Mike Miles, athletics facilities manager; and Paula Seminario, student loan coordinator; were honored for 25 years. Mark Deffenbacher, executive director of the FPU Foundation; Dina Gonzalez-Pina, assistant dean of multicultural ministries; Linda Hoff, professor of education; Jeanne Janzen, Ed.D., associate professor of curriculum and teaching; Deborah Sauer-Ferrand, associate professor of music; and Billie Jean Wiebe, Ph.D., associate professor of communication/English; were honored for 20 years.

Four faculty were honored on their retirement: Brian DeMars, assistant professor of undergraduate kinesiology; Dave Derby, assistant professor of education; Don McHatten, assistant professor of special education; and Paul Toews, Ph.D., professor of history. A colleague paid tribute to each retiree:

Kevin Enns-Rempel, director of Hiebert Library, on Paul Toews:

"Paul was a masterful teacher, who elevated the study of history far beyond a simple recitation of names, dates and places. In his lectures, Paul wove rich tapestries that helped students understand not merely the facts of our past, but their meaning and significance."

Gary Gramenz, Ph.D, dean of the School of Education, on Dave Derby:

"His leadership guiding lights are: Be proactive—I want my students to know that we have the choice that only mature people can make and the freedom to become empowered, self-assessing, self-directed, self-monitoring individuals who think and make sense of their world and work. Second—begin with the end in mind: determine where you want to be, what you need to have and what you need to do together. Third—put first things first."

Peter Kopriva, Ed.D., professor of special education/early childhood development, on Don McHatten:

"Among Don's achievements was to help bring the Adult Life Enrichment program--classes for college-age students (18-22 years old) with disabilities--to FPU. The lives of administrators, students, faculty and staff were enriched because of this welcoming, and countless FPU students benefited from opportunities to volunteer inside the classrooms as well as to participate on campus with these students. Many decided upon careers in education and other career paths because of these opportunities."

Jim Ave, Ph.D., associate professor kinesiology, on Brian DeMars:

"When I think of Brian, I think of his example of a person who loves, follows and is devoted to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is encouraging, hospitable, compassionate, dedicated to helping students, a man of integrity and always willing to help others."

PHOTO (from left): Retirees Don McHatten, Paul Toews and Brian DeMars (Dave Derby was not present)