FPU reaches the "Pinnacle" of interactive learning

By wayne.steffen on September 18, 2012 @ 8:29am

FPU is one of 40 cultural organizations to receive a 2011-2012 Pinnacle Award from the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC). The Indianapolis-based nonprofit offers videoconferencing presentations from more than 200 museums, state parks, national historic sites and other organizations to educational outlets such as schools and senior citizens centers.

The goal of CILC is to advance learning through videoconferencing and other collaborative technologies. The awards are presented annually to providers who post the highest-rated programs for K-12 students or professional development for educators. Winners are determined by feedback from teachers who have used the presentations. Evaluation is based on the effectiveness of the presenter and the educational content of the program.

FPU's presentation is "Father Serra and the California Missions: Let the Adventure Begin." Matt Gehrett oversees the project as executive director of online and continuing education at FPU. The production staff is Janet Adams, special projects coordinator in continuing education, and Corey Engstrom, who portrays Father Junipero Sera.See the program at cilc.org/search/content-provider-program.aspx?id=4528

"I am so proud of Janet and Corey along with the university communications media production team, who worked tirelessly to put together such a superb, interactive program for fourth-grade students. We are currently working on creating even more high quality programs for the new school year," said Matt Gehrett.

Pinnacle Awards have been given since 2007-2008. Among the 2011-2012 recipients are the Adventures in Medicine & Science (AIMS) Program of Saint Louis University, the Bronx Zoo/ Wildlife Conservation Society, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center, the Manhattan School of Music, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

"The CILC Pinnacle Award is based on direct input from teachers who have experienced the professional development programs first-hand," said Joel Brunson, CILC Board Chair and President of Sales Black Box Network Service. "When fellow teachers affirm the quality of a program by giving a top score, other teachers are sure to notice."

More about The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration at www.cilc.org