Desire to remain affordable drives tuition decisions

By wayne.steffen on November 20, 2012 @ 9:44am

For traditional undergraduates, tuition and fees will be $25,616, up 1.5 percent from 2012-2013. There will be no increase in room cost; board has not yet been set. Bachelor's degree completion costs will stay the same at $415-510 per unit, depending on the program.

Graduate fees will remain the same for teacher education and MBA students, at $495 and $854 per unit, respectively. Units for other master's programs will rise $10 to $470. At Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary, per-unit fees will go up $11 or $15, depending on the program.

"We were able to keep costs in several of our programs at the same rate as 2012-2013, and the tuition increases we had were very low, between 1.5 and 3.49 percent," said Jon Endicott, interim vice president of enrollment management. "Traditional undergraduate students living on campus will pay only 1.18 percent more for their tuition, fees and room in 2013-2014 than they do now."

"Many people in our region know education is a key to success for themselves and their children. They also know FPU offers academic, professional and ethical development and is an investment that will last a lifetime. We're telling those people they can afford to make that investment," Endicott said.

Master of arts in teaching

Also during the regular meetings, which took place October 26-27 on the main campus, the board approved a master of arts in teaching through the School of Education. The MAT is designed for students now earning their teaching credential or who have been teaching less than five years. The program will provide prospective teachers with support throughout their credential coursework and into their first years of teaching. Classes will use the cohort model and the five individual courses will be offered either in a blended online or face-to-face format. The degree requires 12 units beyond the credential program for a total of 46 units for single subject candidates or 47 units for multiple subject candidates.

Faculty honors

To honor several faculty members important to the development of FPU, the lounge in McDonald Hall in the School of Humanities, Religion and Social Sciences area was named the Founding Faculty Lounge. The lounge is dedicated to Silas Bartsch (education, professional development), Orrin Berg (psychology), Donald Braun (emeritus chemistry), Robert Enns (emeritus sociology), Dietrich Friesen (music), Roy Klassen (emeritus music), Edmund Janzen (president emeritus, emeritus biblical and religious studies), Wilfred Martens (emeritus English), Gary Nachtigall (emeritus geography), Adonijah Pauls (librarian emeritus), Dalton Reimer (emeritus communication), Luetta Reimer (emerita English), Wilbert Reimer (emeritus AIMS professor in mathematics), Adina Schmidt (registrar emerita), Richard Unruh (emeritus political science), Larry Warkentin (emeritus music), Delbert Wiens (emeritus humanities, philosophy, history), Devon Wiens (emeritus biblical and religious studies), Paul Toews (professor of history) and Arthur Wiebe (president emeritus, emeritus mathematics education).

The board also approved sabbaticals for Jonathan Dick, associate professor of physical sciences; Rod Janzen, professor of history; Bruce Boeckel, associate professor of English; Tim Geddert, professor of biblical studies; and Terrance Yi, assistant professor of mathematics. All are for the spring of 2014 except Dick's, which is 50 percent contract for the 2013-2014 academic year.