Adam Schrag


  • Ph.D., English, University of Minnesota, 2013
  • B.A., English, Bethel College (Kansas), 2001

Additional Information

My research and teaching interests revolve around critical media studies, visual culture, and critical pedagogy. 

I teach Film Studies, Documentary Studies, Visual Rhetoric, Media & Society, Philosophy of Language, Understanding Media, and Oral Communication. I have also taught topical seminars on Literature & War and Race, Gender, Class as well as a graduate seminar on Sex, Gender, Power. In addition to teaching, I am the advisor of The Syrinx, the award-winning student media outlet at Fresno Pacific.

My current research focuses on network ecologies, media aesthetics, internet junk, and contemporary military visuality. I have written about photography in the age of Instagram, the ontology of film, and animated gifs. My book project “Surface to Surface: War, Aesthetics & the Screen,” investigates the entanglement of war and media technologies through an array of screen artifacts drawn from weapons systems, cinema, and media art. 


Publications & Presentations

  • “Duraciones precarias: las tomas largas de Alfonso Cuarón.”(“Precarious Durations: Alfonso Cuarón’s Long(ing)Takes”). Literaturas a travésde las “culturas” de las Américas. Ed. Gina Ponce De León. Bogotá, Colombia: Diente de León, 2017. 256-271.
  • "Pics or it didn't happen": on visual evidence in the age of ubiquitous photography" Fresno Pacific University (2015) 
  • “War & Art in the Screenic Era.” Spec. Iss. ISEA Istanbul 2011. Ozden Sahin, Editor. Leonardo Electronic Almanac18.4: n.pag.
  • “(Photo)Graphic Death: The Economy of Shooting in Larry Burrows’ ‘One Ride with Yankee Papa 13.’” Images of War, War of Images. Eds. Karine Hildenbrand and Gérard Hugues. Newcastle, UK: Oxford Scholars Publishing. 159-167.