Liberal Studies - American Civilization and Culture Concentration (Contemporary Focus)


The following courses are required for this concentration. The general education courses listed are only those required for this concentration. A total of 57 - 63 units are required for general education (not including the language requirement).

General Education Requirements

  • PS-120 American Politics and Society (4)

Required Courses

American Civilization: Its Social Institutions

Select one of the following:

  • COM-410 Media and Society (3) 
  • PS-371 American Law and Legal System (3) 
  • PS-375 Criminal Justice in America (4) 
  • PS-385 Urban Society and the Welfare State (4) 
  • SOC-350 Marriage and Family (3)

American Civilization: Its Social Dynamics

Select one of the following:

  • HIST-430 American Wilderness Literature and Philosophy (3) 
  • LIT-360 American Literature: 20th Century (3) 
  • LIT-448 Multicultural Literature (3) 
  • PS-373 Nature, Law and Policy (3) 
  • PS-390 Religion and Politics in America (3) 
  • PS-430 America in a Global Community (4) 
  • SOC-442 Social Gerontology (3) 
  • SOC-446 Sociology of Gender (3) 

American Civilization: Its Changing Character

  • SOC-450 Social Problems and Public Policy (4)

Parent Program