Communication - Media and Film Studies Emphasis

The media and film studies emphasis explores video, journalism, literature and film from different perspectives, offering students hands-on experience while gaining a deep understanding of the impact of these forms of communication.

Unique Features

Through the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), students choosing this emphasis have the opportunity to spend a semester studying at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center.

Our Graduates

The media and film studies emphasis provides a valuable introduction to journalism, literature, digital production and film, and prepares students for internships and careers in the ever-growing media and film industries.


Required Courses (6 Courses, 18 Units)

  • COM-330 Writing and Reading Journalism (3)
  • COM-350 Visual Rhetoric (3)
  • COM-360 Digital Video Production (3)
  • COM-380 Film Studies (3)
  • COM-410 Media and Society (3)
  • LIT-449 Literature and Film (3)

The Los Angeles Film Studies Center Program (CCCU) may be taken in place of COM-360, COM-380 and COM-410.

Program Director

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