Intercultural Studies - Topics Emphasis

The topics emphasis enables students to investigate particular cultures and issues from various perspectives and disciplines. Through interdisciplinary courses, students develop understandings, skills of interpretation and experiences of other cultures.

Unique Features

Courses for this program rely on perspectives from other disciplines: theology, geography, history, business, lieterature, music, political science, religion, sociology and Spanish languages and cultures.

Our Graduates

A bachelor's degree in intercultural studies with an emphasis in topics provides graduates with a solid foundation for a variety of careers in culturally and ethnically diverse settings—locally and abroad.


General Education Prerequisites

  • BLIT-336 Biblical Literature: Acts (3)
  • ECON-105 Principles of Economics (4)
  • SOC -160 Introduction to Anthropology (3)

Intercultural Experience Requirement

Students have an opportunity to experience a culture other than that with which they are already familiar. This requirement may be satisfied by participating in one of the study abroad programs offered by the university, by completing an intercultural focus series or through an equivalent experience approved by the program director.

Language Requirement

Two semesters of language, or equivalent, in addition to general education requirements.

Required Courses (48 Units)


  • COM-400 Intercultural Communication (3)
  • GEOG-320 Cultural Geography (3)
  • PS-420 International Politics and Organizations (3)
  • SOC -301 Anthropology for Christian Witness (3)
  • SOC -310 Cultural Communities of California (3)
  • or SOC-410 American Ethnicity and Pluralism (3)
  • THEO-430 Contemporary Theologies (3)

Select one of the following:

  • REL -418 Culture, Religion and the Church (3)
  • REL -452 Christianity in the Non-Western World (4)
  • REL -460 Religions of the World (3)

Electives (15-18 Units)

Select five courses in consultation with the program director to meet individual needs and interests.

  • HIST-410 Latin American History and Religious Thought (4)
  • INTB-370 International Business (3)
  • or ECON-390 Global Economics and Sustainable Development (3)
  • LIT-440 Spanish Literature (3)
  • LIT-445 Latin American Literature (3)
  • LIT-448 Multicultural Literature (3)
  • MUS-352 Music History and World Music since 1900 (4)
  • PS-412 Modern Africa: History, Politics and Culture (3)
  • PS-414 Modern Asia: History, Politics and Culture (3)
  • PS-416 Modern Middle East: History, Politics and Culture (3)
  • REL-320 Introduction to the Mennonite Arts (4)
  • SOC-310 Cultural Communities of California (3)
  • SOC-410 American Ethnicity and Pluralism (3)
  • SPAN-310 Literary Spanish: Prose (3)
  • SPAN-315 Literary Spanish: Poetry (3)
  • SPAN-330 Latin American Thought: Readings in Spanish (3)
  • THEO-365 Current Perspectives on Missions (3)
  • THEO-425 Theological Ethics and the Environment (3)
  • THEO-465 Theological Ethics of Conflict and Peacemaking (3)

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