Liberal Studies - Art Concentration


The following courses are required for this concentration. The general education courses listed are only those required for this concentration. A total of 57 - 63 units are required for general education (not including the language requirement).

Required Courses:

  • ART-140 Drawing 1 (3) 
  • ART-150 Principles of Design (3) 
  • ART-350 History of Western Art I (3) 
  • ART-355 History of Western Art II (3)

For a Minor Add:

  • ART-460 World Art (3)

Select one of the following:

  • ART-120 Painting I 
  • ART-330 Art and Religion (3) 
  • ART-440 Exhibition and Gallery Design (3)

Further Information

To discover more about the art program, visit the art department pages.

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