Music - Secondary Teaching Emphasis

Music has the ability to enhance virtually any aspect of life, including our ability to learn. Thus, music teachers not only offer musical instruction, they offer skills that are useful in studying other subjects. The secondary teaching emphasis offers students the tools necessary to train future musicians.

Unique Features

This emphasis offers a comprehensive study of skills in orchestral instruments: brass, strings, woodwinds and percussion. Additional courses focus on electronic music, conducting, vocal pedagogy and music education.

Our Graduates

The secondary teaching emphasis is intended specifically for students who plan to teach in a music program in grades K-12.


Required Courses (22-26 Units)

  • MUS-340 Brass Techniques (2)
  • MUS-341 String Techniques (2)
  • MUS-342 Woodwind Techniques (2)
  • MUS-343 Percussion Techniques (2)
  • MUS-411 Scoring and Arranging (3)
  • MUS-412 Studies in Music Education (3)
  • MUS-450 Conducting I (3)
  • MUS-451 Conducting II (3)
  • MUS-460 Vocal Pedagogy (2)

Music majors who have selected voice as their primary instrument are also required to participate in MUS-115/315 Vocal Performance Workshop for two semesters.

Additional Requirements for Teacher Education Candidates

To Enter a Teacher Education Program 

Students must meet the following requirements in addition to the specific course requirements outlined above to enter a teacher education program and become credentialed to teach in a California public school:

  1. Complete LA-385 Critical Approaches to Teaching with a grade of C or better.
  2. Complete the FPU-approved teacher education program.

To Enter the Fresno Pacific University Teacher Education Program

Students must meet the following requirements to enter the teacher education program at FPU:

  1. Earn a 2.75 overall grade-point average in their college coursework.
  2. Earn a 3.0 grade-point average in the secondary teaching emphasis of their major.

To Complete the Fresno Pacific University Teacher Education Program

Students must complete the following courses (with a grade of C or better) in order to complete the teacher education program at FPU and receive a teaching credential. Students are advised, but not required, to take these courses as undergraduates.

  • LANG-340 Introduction to Linguistics (3) 
  • PS-120 American Politics and Society (4) 
  • or HIST-150 American Civilization (4) 
  • PSY-355 Adolescent Development (3) 

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