The sociology major provides students with an increased understanding of their sociocultural world. Students move beyond their personal experiences to an awareness of how people are connected to one another through groups, networks and hierarchies, as well as beliefs and practices. Sociology majors learn to analyze the influences of groups on human behavior.

Unique Features

The sociology program is purposefully informed by a global perspective and a Christian/Anabaptist worldview. The program builds on the foundation of the required sequence of courses at Fresno Pacific University, regarding the stories of peoples and cultures.

Our Graduates

Upon completion of the major, students will be prepared to pursue graduate study or a career for which sociology is an appropriate background. Graduates from this program have found employment in fields such as human services, personnel, social research, law enforcement, government, Christian ministry, missions and community development. Others, after advanced study, have become professors, researchers, and applied sociologists.

Program Details

Students interested in majoring in sociology should complete the two prerequisite courses during their freshman and sophomore years. The first two courses of the core program should be taken in the sophomore or junior year. The last two courses in the core program, an internship followed by Senior Thesis, should be taken during the senior year.


General Education or Other Prerequisites

  • SOC 120 Introduction to Sociology (3).
  • Select one of the following courses:
    • SOC-205 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3)
    • PS-120 American Politics and Society (4)
    • PSY-120 General Psychology (3)
    • GEOG-220 Cultural Geography (3)

Required Courses 

Core Program

  • SOC-461 Introduction to Social Science Research (3)
  • SOC-462 Statistics (4)
  • SOC-470 Introduction to Sociocultural Theory (3)
  • LEAD-476 Internship (3)
  • SOC-480 Senior Thesis (3)

Breadth Program

Select one course from each category and one additional course from any category. Students are encouraged to take additional courses depending upon their needs or interests.

Society and Culture

  • SOC-332 Modern Africa: History, Politics and Culture (3)
  • SOC-334 Modern Asia: History, Politics and Culture (3)
  • SOC-336 Modern Middle East: History, Politics and Culture (3)
  • SOC-364 Christianity in the Non-Western World (4)
  • SOC-410 American Ethnicity and Pluralism (3)

Social Institutions

  • SOC-350 Marriage and Family (3) 
  • SOC-360 Sociology of Religion (3) 
  • SOC-370 Media and Society (3)
  • SOC-374 Law and Society (3)

Social Groups and Processes

  • SOC-301 Anthropology for Christian Witness (3)
  • SOC-375 Organizational Behavior (3) 
  • SOC-400 Social Psychology (3) 
  • SOC-420 Intercultural Communication (3) 
  • SOC-430 Conflict Management and Resolution (3) 
  • SOC-440 Lifecourse Development (3) 
  • SOC-442 Social Gerontology (3) 
  • SOC-450 Social Problems and Public Policy (4)

Crime and Justice

  • SOC-371 Criminology (3)
  • SOC-372 Juvenile Delinquency and Justice (3)
  • SOC-373 Corrections (3)