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This degree equips practitioners personally, theologically and practically to provide effective intercultural leadership in both North American and global contexts. Students have opportunity to tailor this program to prepare for service in a variety of settings. The program includes biblical and theological foundations; cross-­cultural, sociological and anthropological tools; analysis of historical and contemporary mission issues; ministry skills; and partnership opportunities in mission. Internships and other opportunities give students experience in ministry in cultural contexts different from their own—in Fresno’s rich multicultural setting or in a foreign setting. This degree integrates evangelism, community development, church planting, leadership development, peacemaking, contextual theology and the mission of God.

Course listing

Required Courses (60 Units)

General Theological Courses
BIB-720The Church and God's Mission in the World3
BIB-725Biblical Interpretation I2 - 3
BIB-750Biblical Theology I1.5 - 3
BIB-752Biblical Theology II1.5 - 3
BIB-790 or
Senior Seminar
COUN-724Interpersonal Communication2 - 3
MIN-770Ministry Discernment0
THEO-705Christian Thought2 - 3
THEO-730Discipleship and Ethics2 - 3
Intercultural Studies Courses
MIN-720Personal Evangelism1
MIN-750A or
Cross-Cultural Encounter: Los Angeles
Cross-Cultural Encounter: San Francisco
MIN-750BCross-Cultural Encounter: Fresno1.5
MIN-728Anthropology for Christian Witness3

Two of the following:

MIN-793ASupervised Ministry Experience I1.5
MIN-793BSupervised Ministry Experience II1.5
MIN-794AUrban Mission Practicum I1.5
MIN-794BUrban Mission Practicum II1.5
PACS-700Basic Institute in Conflict Management And Mediation2 - 3
THEO-740Global Christian Theologies3
MIN-724Church Planting2 - 3
MIN-752Urban Ministry: Into the Neighborhood3
MIN-756Ministry Among Marginalized People3
MIN-730Christians and Religious Neighbors3
MIN-725Issues and Theologies of Mission3
Electives (3 Units)

Choose an additional 2.5 - 8 units