Master of Arts
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The Master of Arts in Theology provides you with specialized education of biblical and systematic theology and history of Christianity. The program focuses on the disciplines and resources of biblical interpretation allowing graduates to continue education on their own well after program completion.


  • Purposeful community of learners and leaders
  • Experienced and published faculty
  • Theologically diverse student body
  • MFT and ministry students integrated in foundational courses
  • Option to study in Israel each summer
  • Option to attend the Hispanic Summer Program
  • Diverse practicum opportunities
  • Online courses available
  • Fully accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

Career opportunities

Graduating with a Master of Arts in Theology from Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary will prepare you for a future of teaching and writing in your area of expertise. Graduates of this degree have the option of becoming a teaching pastor or using it as a gateway to achieving their Ph.D. in order to teach at the collegiate level.

Program director

Mark Baker
Mark Baker, Ph.D.

Professor of Mission and Theology


Valerie Rempel, Ph.D.
Valerie Rempel, Ph.D.

Dean of the Seminary, Associate Professor, J.B. Toews Chair of History and Theology, Interim Vice President

Tim Geddert, Ph.D.
Tim Geddert, Ph.D.

Professor, Program Director, New Testament

FPU Seminary Portrait
Brian Ross, D.Min.

Assistant Professor, Program Director, Christian Ministry, Master of Divinity & Ministry Leadership and Culture

Lynn Jost, Ph.D.
Lynn Jost, Ph.D.

Professor, Program Director, Old Testament, Director of the Center for Anabaptist Studies

Admission requirements

Download the Admissions Checklist to get started.

Course listing


BIB 709Bible Knowledge Requirement Seminar0 – 0
BIB 720The Church and God’s Mission in the World *3
BIB 725Understanding, Interpreting and Teaching Scripture2 – 3
BIB 750Old Testament Theology **3
HIST 712History of Christianity3
MIN 704Discerning Vocation and Calling *1
MIN 750A
THEO 712
Cross-Cultural Encounter: Los Angeles *
or The Story of the Church and Its Theology

Must be taken as a 3 unit course

Expanding the Base

BIB 726Advanced Biblical Interpretation2
BIB 752New Testament Theology **3
MIN 760Practicum Assessment and Discernment0 – 0
HIST 716
THEO 760
or HIST 718
The Evangelical Anabaptist Story
or Evangelical Anabaptist Confessions of Faith
or North American Religious History
or 3
or 3
THEO 730Discipleship and Ethics2 – 3 *
THEO 734Contemporary Theology2 – 3

Must be taken as a 3 unit course

Practicing the Theory (3 Units)

Choose one

COUN 724Interpersonal Communication2 – 3 or
MIN 732
MIN 740
or MIN 742
or MIN 793B and
MIN 793A
Church Educational Ministries
or Preaching I
or Preaching for Contemporary Listeners
or The Practice of Ministry II * and
The Practice of Ministry I *
or 3
or 3
or 3

Must be taken as a 3 unit course

Capstone Learning

BIB 790
THEO 799
Senior Seminar *
or Thesis
MIN 770Ministry Discernment0 – 0 *


 Theology or History courses9
 Bible course3
 Free electives7.5-10.5

*Must be FPU Biblical Seminary course.

**At least one biblical theology course must be an FPU Biblical Seminary course.