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With this career technical education credential, you’ll learn a variety of effective teaching strategies and behaviors to apply to your classroom. This credential is grounded in rationale based on sound theory of adult teaching and learning.

Coursework is sequenced to reflect the principles of teacher development and form a cohesive set of learning experiences to prepare the CTE teacher in appropriate practices relating to the languages, skills and abilities of all students. The program includes processes for comprehensive assessment of CTE teacher candidate competencies.

Career opportunities

The preliminary designated subjects CTE teaching credential authorizes you to teach in the subject or subjects named on the credential in grades 12 and below and in classes organized primarily for adults in career technical, trade or vocational programs. This includes Specially Designated Academic Instruction Delivered in English (SDAIE) in career technical, trade or vocational programs. Upon completion of coursework and two years of successful teaching, the candidate may apply for a Clear Designated Subjects CTE Credential.

Program director

Vicki Pontius
Vicki Pontius, Ed.D.

DSE Program Director

Admission requirements

  • High school diploma, GED, or official college transcripts
  • At least three years work experience in career technical area you wish to teach (one year recency requirement)
  • Fulfill U.S. Constitution course requirement (Special Subjects Credential)
  • For Supervision and Coordination Credential, hold Clear C.T.E Credential
  • Apply online (submit DSE Program Application and fee)
  • Fingerprint clearance through Department of Justice
  • CTC Application Form 41-4

Course listing

Required Courses

DSE 400Early Orientation for Designated Subject Teachers 2 onlinecourses
DSE 405Educational Technology1
DSE 410Foundations of Career Technical Education1
DSE 415Curriculum Development3
DSE 420Special Needs2
DSE 425Learning and Instruction3
DSE 430Assessing Student Learning2
DSE 435Classroom and Laboratory Management1