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Prepare to advance into a supervisory position with this supervision and coordination credential. The credential is the designated subjects equivalent credential to the administrative (third tier) credential. With this credential, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become a supervisor.

Career opportunities

This credential is designed specifically for designated subjects education teachers pursuing administrative opportunities.

Program director

Vicki Pontius
Vicki Pontius, Ed.D.

DSE Program Director

Admission requirements

  • High school diploma, GED, or official college transcripts; send official transcripts to the directly to program director.
  • Three years full-time teaching experience in career technical area
  • Fulfill U.S. Constitution course requirement (Special Subjects Credential)
  • For Supervision and Coordination Credential, hold Clear C.T.E Credential
  • Orientation Interview with Program Director
  • DSE Program Application and fee
  • CTC Application Form 41-4
  • Passing score on the the CBEST exam
  • Valid full-time designated subjects (DS) teaching credential

Course listing

Required Courses

DSE 365Supervisor’s Role in the Administration of Vocational Education Programs3
DSE 370Leadership and Program Development3