Administrative Services Intern Credential

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The administrative services internship program prepares you to work as a paid school administrator while enrolled in the administrative services program. Internship candidates must be requested by a school district. You will receive support from district mentors and university supervisors. To keep the internship credential active, you must register for a 1-unit course each semester that provides guidance for individualized planning, mentoring and supervision. During each semester, you will be in contact with the district mentor and university supervisor a minimum of three times to review strengths and administrative development. In addition, you and your university supervisor will have contact at least two more times during the semester.


  • Experienced and supportive university faculty
  • Exposure to relevant, on-site challenges facing current administrators
  • Up to 6 units of credit may be transferred into program with approval

Career opportunities

This credential is designed specifically for educators entering into school administration. It meets all requirements for an entry-level administrative position in grades K-12 in the state of California.

Program directors

Douglas S. Bartsch
Douglas S. Bartsch

Clinical Assistant Professor

John Mendiburu, Ed.D
John Mendiburu, Ed.D.

Program Director of Admin. Services

Admission requirements

  • Application form and fee
  • Orientation interview with program director 
  • One current professional reference form
  • Statement of intent
  • Official transcripts verifying BA/BS degree 
  • Approved basic credential
  • Official Verification of meeting the CBEST requirement
  • Verification of current negative TB test (within 12 months)
  • Request letter from LOA
  • Verification of teaching experience
  • Verification of employment as administrator

Course listing

Required Courses (24 - 28 Units)

ADM 740Building Shared Vision and Leadership Capacity2
ADM 741Developing Student Learning in a Standards-Based System4
ADM 741AFieldwork: Developing Student Learning in a Standards-Based System2
ADM 742Organizational Management in Support of Student Learning4
ADM 742AFieldwork: Organizational Management in Support of Student Learning2
ADM 743Meeting Diverse Needs of Family and Community2
ADM 744Connecting the Broader Influences on Schools4
ADM 744AFieldwork: Connecting the Broader Influences on Schools2
ADM 745Digital Leadership in Schools2
ADM 793GInternship1

Meets necessary California requirements for an entry-level administrative position in grades K-12.