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Ignite and sustain your excitement about mathematics and learning with FPU’s master of arts in education with an emphasis in mathematics education. This program, designed for multiple subject teachers, provides a deeper understanding of the key mathematical concepts encountered at elementary and middle school grade levels, and how to teach these concepts effectively. Candidates gain both content knowledge and an understanding of how to foster interest in math among students of varying abilities and backgrounds.


  • Small class size
  • Special program designed for non-math majors who are multiple subject teachers
  • Scholarships available
  • Transfer in a maximum of 3 graduate units

Career opportunities

Graduates gain a deeper understanding of the key mathematical concepts encountered at their grade level and how to teach these concepts effectively. Successful graduates of this program have become district math coordinators or math instructors at the community college level.

Program director

Photo of Christopher Brownwell, Ph.D.

Christopher Brownell, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Mathematics and STEM Education, Program Director, Mathematics Education


Photo of Manjula Peter Joseph, Ph.D.

Manjula Peter Joseph, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Mathematics Education

Admission requirements

  • Application form and fee
  • Orientation interview with program director
  • Statement of intent 
  • One current professional reference form
  • Official transcripts verifying BA/BS degree
  • Letter of explanation if your GPA is under 3.0

Course listing

Required Courses (30 Units)

Master of Arts Core

MTHE 7XXTrends in Math Education3
MTHE 770Teaching Mathematics for Social Justice3
MSER 7XXResearch Based Curricular - Analysis and Presentation3

Elementary-Middle School Option

MTHE 701Core Mathematics I2.5
MTHE 702Core Mathematics II2.5
MTHE 703Core Mathematics III2.5
MTHE 704Core Mathematics IV2.5
MTHE 769Mathematical Modeling in School3
MTHE 771Role of Change in Perspective in Mathematics3

State Authorization

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