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The single subject preliminary credential program prepares candidates to teach in middle or high schools (Grades 7-12). Candidates are prepared to teach a particular subject area. FPU’s credential programs are accredited by the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing (CCTC) and recognized by private schools, as well.


  • Emphasis on application of theory to practice
  • Student teaching cohort model with placement in partnering school districts
  • Collaborative learning community
  • Quality mentorship
  • High rate of employment

Career opportunities

Upon completion of the program requirements, candidates are recommended for a Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential allowing them to seek subject area teaching positions in middle and high schools

Program director

Robin Perry
Robin Perry, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor, Education, Program Director, Preliminary Single Subject Credential


Angel Krause
Angel Krause

Assistant Professor, Intern Director, Teacher Education

Tamaye Ota
Tamaye Ota

Clinical Assistant Professor

Maria Lemus
Maria Lemus

Program Director of Single Subject Teaching Credential, Visalia Campus

Admission requirements

Note: As a result of COVID-19, admission requirements have temporarily been simplified. Please contact your program representative for more information.

  • Online application and fee
  • Teacher Education Addendum
  • 2 reference forms
  • Official transcripts
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Verification of current negative TB test (within last 12 months)
  • Certificate of Clearance Official Passing results on Basic Skills Test
  • Official Passing on CBEST and CSET

Course listing


EDUC 629Critical Observations in School: Single Subject
(Designed to provide early field experience to candidates new to teaching)


These courses are additional requirements of the state of California for single subject candidates who have not completed comparable coursework in their baccalaureate studies

EDUC 698Positive Adolescent Development2

Required Courses (34 Units)

EDUC 604Foundations of Education4
EDUC 605Teaching the Exceptional Learner3
EDUC 644Teaching with Technology2
EDUC 692Foundations of Language and Literacy3
EDUC 693Reading/Writing in Secondary Classrooms3
EDUC 694Curriculum Perspectives and Design: Single Subject3
EDUC 695Curriculum Design and Implementation: Single Subject3
EDUC 638Health Education for Teachers2

Select one of the following

Specific pedagogy courses aligned with the credential subject matter area of the candidate

EDUC 696ARSingle Subject Methods: Art3
EDUC 696ENSingle Subject Methods: English3
EDUC 696LOSingle Subject Methods: Language Other Than English3
EDUC 696MASingle Subject Methods: Mathematics3
EDUC 696MUSingle Subject Methods: Music3
EDUC 696PESingle Subject Methods: Physical Education3
EDUC 696SCSingle Subject Methods: Science3
EDUC 696SSSingle Subject Methods: Social Studies3

Choose One of the Following Tracks

Student Teaching Track
EDUC 619Directed Initial Student Teaching: Single Subject2
EDUC 639Directed Final Student Teaching: Single Subject6
Independent Teaching Track
EDUC 634Independent Teaching Practicum: Single Subject2
EDUC 649AIndependent Teaching I: Single Subject3
EDUC 649BIndependent Teaching II: Single Subject3
EDUC 649CIndependent Teaching III: Single Subject6
Mat Post-credential Courses
EDUC 701Issues in Teaching: Investigations of Problems of Practice2
EDUC 702The Teacher’s Mission and Vision2
EDUC 703Curriculum Study: Theory, Analysis and Practice3
EDUC 704Research Methodologies: Qualitative Action Research3
EDUC 705MAT Research Project2