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The single subject preliminary credential program prepares candidates to teach in middle or high schools (Grades 7-12). Candidates are prepared to teach a particular subject area. FPU’s credential programs are accredited by the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing (CCTC) and recognized by private schools, as well.


  • Emphasis on application of theory to practice
  • Student teaching cohort model with placement in partnering school districts
  • Collaborative learning community
  • Quality mentorship
  • High rate of employment

Career opportunities

Upon completion of the program requirements, candidates are recommended for a Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential allowing them to seek subject area teaching positions in middle and high schools

Admission requirements

  • Online application and fee
  • Teacher Education Addendum
  • 3 reference forms
  • Official transcripts
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Verification of current negative TB test (within last 12 mos.)
  • Certificate of Clearance
  • Official Passing results on Basic Skills Test
  • Official Passing results on CSET

Course listing

Required Courses (34 Units)

EDUC-605Teaching Exceptional Learners3
EDUC-644Teaching with Technology1
EDUC-691Foundations of Education: Single Subject4
EDUC-692Foundations of Language and Literacy3
EDUC-693Reading/Writing in Secondary Classrooms4
EDUC-694Curriculum Perspectives and Design: Single Subject3
EDUC-695Curriculum Design and Implementation: Single Subject3

Select one of the following specific pedagogy courses aligned with the credential subject matter area of the candidate

EDUC-696ARSingle Subject Methods: Art2
EDUC-696ENSingle Subject Methods: English3
EDUC-696LOSingle Subject Methods: Language Other Than English (LOTE)3
EDUC-696MASingle Subject Methods: Mathematics3
EDUC-696MUSingle Subject Methods: Music3
EDUC-696PESingle Subject Methods: Physical Education3
EDUC-696SCSingle Subject Methods: Science3
EDUC-696SSSingle Subject Methods: Social Studies3


These courses are additional requirements of the state of California for single subject candidates who have not completed comparable coursework in their baccalaureate studies

EDUC-698Positive Adolescent Development2
EDUC-652Linguistics for Teachers2
EDUC-638Health Education for Teachers1


EDUC-629Critical Observations in School: Single Subject*2

* Designed to provide early field experience to candidates new to teaching

Choose One Of The Following Tracks

Student Teaching Track
EDUC-619Directed Initial Student Teaching: Single Subject2
EDUC-639Directed Final Student Teaching: Single Subject8
Independent Teaching Track


EDUC-634Independent Teaching Practicum: Single Subject2
EDUC-649AIndependent Teaching I: Single Subject3


EDUC-649BIndependent Teaching II: Single Subject3
EDUC-649CIndependent Teaching III: Single Subject7