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After completing the requirements for a preliminary credential, FPU graduates extend and deepen their understanding of effective teaching strategies and curriculum analysis by enrolling in 12 units of post-credential coursework during the first 5 years of teaching.

MAT students are challenged to reflect on their roles as teachers and their commitment to teaching as their vocation. Students develop an understanding of qualitative research methodology and skills, which they apply by completing a classroom action research project for their thesis. The program uses features such as the cohort model and blended course delivery systems to foster a robust, supportive, professional community.


  • Emphasis on application of theory to practice and practitioner research
  • Opportunity to engage in rigorous scholarly and professional dialogue about issues critical to new teachers
  • Coursework aligned with California Induction programs
  • Cohort model which fosters a robust community of practice
  • Two pacing options (22-39 months minimum)

Admission requirements

Note: As a result of COVID-19, admission requirements have temporarily been simplified. Please contact your program representative for more information.

All students must submit the following documents to the Graduate Degree Completion Office (GDC)

  • Transcript verification of having completed the multiple subject, single subject credential program from FPU no more than 5 years prior to enrolling in the post-credential MAT units
  • Graduate Admissions Application Update form
  • Verification of Employment as a teacher
  • Signed MAT Program Plan