Art, B.A.

Bachelor of Arts
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Art and creative expression enriches our lives. As an art major at Fresno Pacific University you’ll find flexibility to tailor your program around your creative and artistic interests. Whether you’re thinking of a career in art or just want to explore your creative side, FPU offers major courses from a choice of three emphases. Through our innovative, hands-on program, you’ll learn essential creative skills from top-tier faculty, equipping you for a wide variety of careers.


  • Opportunities to publicly exhibit student work
  • Internships
  • Smaller classes give focused attention and greater creative freedom
  • Accessible faculty
  • Exposure to and participation in local art events & activities
  • Field trips to art museums--both locally and further afield
  • Active FPU Art Club

Career opportunities

As an art major, you will be exposed to courses which focus on careers in art and design; equipping you in the knowledge of how to network, find jobs and be entrepreneurs. In addition, the art major allows you to take up to three internship units which count towards your degree. While there are a variety of internship possibilities in Fresno, there are unlimited opportunities across the nation and around the world in art museums, galleries, organizations, studios and graphic design businesses. Interning overseas is highly regarded by FPU as an opportunity for growth in global and cultural awareness. The art and design field houses a diverse number of careers from work in galleries and museums to being a graphic designer, painter, web designer, sculptor and much more.

Course listing

In order to obtain a bachelor’s degree from Fresno Pacific University, students must complete at least 120 units. Along with completing all required courses in their selected area of study, general education requirements must be met by all graduates. See the general education summary in the undergraduate academic catalog for more information.

Select programs may not provide enough units for a student to graduate and therefore an emphasis and/or elective courses must be completed alongside the major. Please see below for emphases related to this area of study.

General Education Prerequisite

ART 110Art Appreciation3

Required Courses (18 Units)

ART 140Drawing I3
ART 150Principles of Design3
ART 350History of Western Art I3
ART 355History of Western Art II3
ART 460World Art3

Select one of the following

ART 115Introduction to the Art Industry3
ART 120Painting I3
ART 330Art and Religion3
ART 440Exhibition and Gallery Design3


This program requires an emphasis

Program director

Rebecca McMillen, Ph.D. candidate
Rebecca McMillen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Program Director, Art


Chris Janzen, M.F.A.
Chris Janzen, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor of Art