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A minor in art will complement any major you choose by exposing you to creative thinking and elements of art, design and art history.


  • Interdisciplinary coursework exposes you to a wide range of creative and artistic knowledge
  • Opportunities to develop your creative, artistic and design skills
  • Courses allow flexibility in tailoring to your artistic interests

Career opportunities

A minor in art can enhance any major by providing a basic understanding of art, design and art history. This knowledge can enhance a variety of professional endeavors as well as personal creativity.

Course listing

General Education Prerequisite

ART 110Art Appreciation3

Required Courses (18 Units)

ART 140Drawing I3
ART 150Principles of Design3
ART 350History of Western Art I3
ART 355History of Western Art II3
ART 460World Art3

Select one of the following

ART 120Painting I3
ART 330Art and Religion3
ART 440Exhibition and Gallery Design3

Program director

Rebecca McMillen portrait
Rebecca McMillen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Program Director, Art, Division Chair, Visual and Performing Arts