Arts Administration Minor

  • Used painting supplies, including brushes, paint tubes, and mixing paper
  • Student wearing Fresno Pacific shirt with sunbird molds clay with pottery wheel for work surface

A minor in arts administration will complement majors like business administration, studio art or various other majors as you build a foundation to pursue careers in both visual and performing arts.


  • Interdisciplinary coursework exposes you to a wide range of creative and artistic knowledge
  • Opportunities to develop your creative, artistic and design skills
  • Courses allow flexibility in tailoring to your artistic interests

Career opportunities

A minor in arts administration can enhance any major by providing a basic understanding of creativity, art, design and art history. This knowledge of administrative skills can enhance a variety of professional endeavors.

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Course listing

General Education Prerequisite (3 Units)

Select one course from the following

ART 110Art Appreciation3
ART 150Principles of Design3
MUS 104Music Appreciation3
THTR 105Theater Appreciation3

Required Core Courses (18 Units)

ART 118Introduction to Arts Administration3
ART 370Life by Design3
ART 375Creative Leadership3
ART 475Career Development3
MGT 352Organizational Communication3

Select one course from the following

ART 435Museum Studies3
ART 440Exhibition and Gallery Design3
THTR 115Drama Practicum: The Company2
THTR 120Drama Ministry Team2
THTR 315Drama Practicum: The Company2
THTR 320Drama Ministry Team2
THTR 321Applied Theater3
THTR 360Directing and Staging Texts3
THTR 365Stage Technology3
MUS 107Elements of Musicianship3
MUS 116Concert Choir2
MUS 123Symphonic Band2
MUS 351Music History: 1725-19003
MUS 352Music History and World Music Since 19004
MGT 350Organizational Theory3
MGT 355Organizational Behavior3
MKT 300Principles of Marketing3
MKT 307Advertising and Promotion3
LEAD 405Leadership Concepts and Practice3