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With a biblical and religious studies minor, you’ll learn how to apply biblical teachings in ministry, at work and in other daily activities. This minor reinforces the traditions that FPU was founded on, while exploring the beliefs and traditions of cultures throughout the world.


  • Exposure to a wide range of topics in Bible, theology and church history.
  • You can choose among courses in contemporary theologies, Mennonite history, the theological ethics of peacemaking and conflict, spiritual formation and more.

Career opportunities

A minor in biblical and religious studies can enhance any major by providing a basic understanding of theology and religious history. This knowledge can be used in ministry and service, in education, as well as in a variety of professions.

Program director

Brian Schultz, Ph.D.
Brian Schultz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies

Course listing

Required Courses (21 Units)

At least one course from three areas within the division (BIB, BLIT, MIN, REL or THEO). Remaining coursework from within the division or from relevant courses in other disciplines (HIST, PHIL, SOC, etc.)