Communication is a generic skill critical to almost any role people fill in the workplace, the church or in society overall. The communication minor will help you develop an understanding of communication processes and the basic communication skills required for working with people.


  • Designed to complement almost any major.
  • Beyond the required courses a broad range of electives is offered. Elective topics include: journalism, scriptwriting, film studies, Internet communication and more.

Career opportunities

As with the major, the skills and knowledge gained from the communication minor are valuable in virtually any career, making this program an ideal complement to any major you choose.

Course listing

Required Courses (18 Units)

COM-400Intercultural Communication3
COM-410Media and Society3

Select one of the following:

COM-368Ancient and Medieval Rhetoric3
COM-455Philosophy of Language3

Select one of the following:

COM-420Conflict Management and Resolution3
COM-430Group Dynamics and Leadership3

Select two of the following:

COM-330Writing and Reading Journalism3
COM-355Digital Video Production I3
COM-360Digital Video Production II3
COM-370Audio Production3
COM-375Documentary Studies3
COM-380Film Studies3
COM-385Cinematography: Visual Story Telling3
COM-390UI/UX Web Design3
COM-440Performance and Culture3
THTR-360Directing and Staging Texts3
LIT-395Text and Performance3
LIT-449Literature and Film3
MGT-352Organizational Communication3