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As a criminology minor at Fresno Pacific University, you will learn the core ingredients of the American legal and criminal justice systems, and the history and political system which influence them. The criminology minor will help enhance any major you choose by equipping you with the skills in conflict resolution, understandings of justice and analyze information effectively in written and oral forms.


  • Interdisciplinary in approach, giving you a broad perspective of criminal justice
  • Preparation for law school and graduate studies
  • Networking opportunities with local professionals in the criminal justice system
  • Internship opportunities available from the District Attorney’s office to TSA

Career opportunities

Careers in law enforcement, victim advocacy and criminal justice are just a few of your employment opportunities. This major will also equip and prepare you for admission to law school.

Course listing

Required Courses (minimum Units: 15)

CRIM 352Criminology3
CRIM 412Restorative Justice 3

Take at least 3 courses and a minimum of 9 units from the following:

CRIM 355Victimology3
CRIM 362Criminal Procedure3
CRIM 372Diversity and Crime3
CRIM 375Criminal Justice in America4
CRIM 382Juvenile Delinquncy and Justice3
CRIM 392Corrections3
CRIM 422Statistics for Sociology and Criminology3
CRIM 476Internship3
CRIM 486Topics in Criminology1-3
CRIM 488Criminology Independent Study1-4


Program director

Ray Nickson, Ph.D.
Ray Nickson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Program Director, Criminal Justice