English Minor

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With an English minor, you will explore various forms of literature from selected cultures and periods in history, including novels, theater, fiction, nonfiction, poetry and journalism.


  • Courses will help you to develop skills in reading, literary analysis and writing
  • Courses will offer you the opportunity to explore a variety of experiences in English, American and multicultural literature

Career opportunities

The English minor can augment other majors with a study of literature and composition, which is especially beneficial if you are seeking a career in journalism, creative writing, communications, education or business.

Transferring to Fresno Pacific

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Course listing

Required Courses (minimum Units: 18)

LIT 180Introduction to Literature3

Select one of the following

LIT 355American Literature: Beginnings to 19th Century3
LIT 360American Literature: 20th Century3
PHIL 430Wilderness Philosophy, Theology, and Literature3

Select one of the following

LIT 400Medieval Life, Thought and Literature4
LIT 405England in the Renaissance World3
LIT 415Shakespeare3
LIT 420English Literature: Romantic and Victorian Literature3
LIT 425English Literature: 20th Century Literature3
LIT 426English Literature: C.S. Lewis3

Select one of the following

LIT 364Hispanic Literature of the United States3
LIT 370The Novel3
LIT 380World Theater: Roots to 18003
LIT 385World Theater: 1800 to Present3
LIT 448Multicultural Literature3
SPAN 445Latin American Literature3

Select one of the following

COM 300Creative Writing: Fiction3
COM 310Creative Writing: Poetry3
COM 320Creative Writing: Nonfiction3
COM 330Writing and Reading Journalism3

In consultation with your program mentor, select one elective course for a minimum of 3 units from literature, language, communication or drama.

Program director

Eleanor Nickel, Ph.D.
Eleanor Nickel, Ph.D.

Professor, Program Director, English