Secondary Teaching

  • Student teachers sitting with 5th graders during snack time

Language plays a significant role in education at any age, and places a large responsibility in the hands of educators. As you prepare to become a teacher, the English secondary teaching emphasis equips you with the tools needed in the classroom.


  • Courses explore a broad range of topics in language and linguistics: multicultural literature, American literature, world theater history, creative writing, composition theory and much more.
  • Extended studies offer courses in communication and sociology.

Course listing

Note: Emphasis courses are additional courses that are to be completed alongside the general education and parent program requirements as dictated by the Fresno Pacific University catalog. Please review the course requirements for baccalaureate programs and the general education summary in the Undergraduate Academic Catalog.

General Education Prerequisites (9 Units)

COM 110Written Communication3
COM 120Oral Communication3
LIT 180Introduction to Literature3

Required Courses (minimum Units: 48)

Core Courses
Literature And Textual Analysis
LIT 415Shakespeare3
LIT 460Critical Approaches to Literature3

Select one of the following

LIT 355American Literature: Beginnings to 19th Century3
LIT 360American Literature: 20th Century3
PHIL 430American Wilderness Literature and Philosophy3

Select one of the following

LIT 400Medieval Life, Thought and Literature4
LIT 420English Literature: Romantic and Victorian Literature3
LIT 425English Literature: 20th Century Literature3

Select two of the following

LIT 364Hispanic Literature of the United States3
LIT 370The Novel3
LIT 380World Theater: Roots to 18003
LIT 385World Theater: 1800 to Present3
LIT 448Multicultural Literature3
SOC 410American Ethnicity and Pluralism3
SPAN 445Latin American Literature3
Language, Linguistics And Literacy
LANG 310First and Second Language Acquisition3
LANG 340Introduction to Linguistics3
Composition And Rhetoric
COM 345Composition Theory and Writing3

Select one of the following

COM 350Visual Rhetoric3
COM 455Philosophy of Language3
LANG 350Modern English Grammar3
Communications: Speech, Media And Creative Performance
COM 395Text and Performance3

Select one of the following

COM 375Documentary Studies3
COM 380Film Studies3
COM 410Media and Society3
LIT 449Literature and Film3

Select one of the following

THTR 321Applied Theater2
THTR 350Acting3
THTR 355Creative Drama3
THTR 360Directing and Staging Texts3

Select two of the following

COM 300Creative Writing: Fiction3
COM 310Creative Writing: Poetry3
COM 320Creative Writing: Nonfiction3
COM 330Writing and Reading Journalism3
COM 346Scriptwriting3
LA 385Critical Approaches to Teaching3

Teacher Education Program Information

Students who are interested in applying for admission to the teacher education program should consult with their academic advisors and/or contact the regional enrollment office prior to (2 or more semesters before) completion of their degrees.

Admissions Requirements

Applicants to the teacher education program are required to complete the following in order to be considered for admission.

  • Online application
  • Cumulative gpa of 3.0 or higher
  • A written request to waive the gpa requirement can be submitted for program director consideration.
  • Three letters of reference
  • Personal statement documenting experience working with youth
LA 385Critical Approaches to Teaching 
  • LA 385 is recommended to students, as it provides school-based experiences with youth that meet this requirement.
  • Verifications of negative tb test and certificate of clearance
Testing Requirements

Students are strongly encouraged to complete the required tests prior to admission to the credential program. students must meet established testing requirements to progress into the student teaching or internship phase of the teacher education program.

  • Passing results on cbest
  • Passing results on cset for area of credential
Required Co-requisite Courses

Students are strongly encouraged to complete the required co-requisite courses as part of their undergraduate programs. If not completed prior to admission to the teacher education program, the equivalent graduate-level courses can be added to a student’s academic plan for the credential program.

LANG 340Introduction to Linguistics3
PSY 355Adolescent Development3
PS 120 or
HIST 150
American Politics and Society or
American Civilization
3 or

Program director

Eleanor Nickel, Ph.D.
Eleanor Nickel, Ph.D.

Professor of English


Fran Martens Friesen
Fran Martens Friesen, M.A.

Assistant Professor of Humanities

Daniel Larson
Daniel Larson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of English