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The finance minor is for business majors only. The following courses are required for the minor. Only three courses can be used from their major to meet the requirements.


  • Can support any other business major.
  • Small class sizes and close, personal interaction with professors.

Career opportunities

A minor in finance can support a variety of career fields including but not limited to: financial planning, investment, banking and financial directing.

Course listing

Required Courses (12 Units)

ECON 440Managerial Economics3
MGT 457Risk Management3
FIN 470Investment3
FIN 453Capital Markets and Money3

Select two of the following (6 - 7 units)

FIN 452Public Finance3
FIN 451Financial Statement Analysis3
INTB 460International Finance and Economics3
FIN 415Tax Accounting4
BUS 486Topics in Business3

Minor Requirements:18-19 Units