A minor in biblical Hebrew language and literature will prepare you to read the Hebrew Bible for pleasure, personal use and for future advanced work in biblical Hebrew and biblical studies. The program will build a proper foundation for attaining fluent reading in the language, bypassing the need for translation.


  • Learn how to read, write and synthesize biblical Hebrew text
  • Understand the Masoretic Accent system of the Hebrew Bible
  • Familiarize yourself with the verb system, morphology, syntax and poetic characteristics of biblical Hebrew

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Course listing

Required Language Courses (12 Units)

HEB 115Beginning Biblical Hebrew I3
HEB 116Beginning Biblical Hebrew II3
HEB 217Intermediate Biblical Hebrew3
HEB 318Biblical Hebrew: Discourse Analysis And Exegesis3

Required Historical Background Course (3 Units)

HIST 367The Ancient Near East3

Required Literature or Topics Courses (5-6 units)

Choose from the following

BLIT 310-312; 315-321; 345; 400Any OT selection (3); may cross list with the GE requirement3
BLIT 310-312; 315-321; 345; 400Any OT selection (3); must be taken concurrently or after HEB 3183
BLIT 360HIntroduction to the Dead Sea Scrolls3
ICS 300Orientation to Short Term Study Abroad1
 (+4 transfer units from Israel Study Abroad) 

Program director

Photo of Brian Schultz

Brian Schultz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biblical & Theological Studies