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The application of mathematics is relevant in virtually any area of life. As an applied mathematics major at Fresno Pacific University, you’ll learn to pair pattern recognition, modeling and abstraction with mathematical descriptions. Learn from professors with diverse backgrounds including engineering, science, and advanced mathematics as you work on projects and research that cross over multiple disciplines. Courses are project-oriented so you’ll get a hands-on learning approach whether you’re testing probability and statistical methods or creating your own independent research project. With the wide scope of skills, you’ll acquire in this program, you’ll be ready for a career in a variety of fields such as business, science and engineering.


  • Small class sizes allow for exploratory collaboration between classmates and professors
  • Heavy emphasis on research allows for the development of semester long-projects
  • Faculty who are experts in their field and who care about their students
  • Program readily prepares graduates for a Masters in STEM or in continued mathematics programs

Career opportunities

Common career fields for applied mathematics majors include industrial engineering, applied statistics, information technology, computer networking, actuarial sciences and data analysis. Our graduates are also well prepared for graduate-level work, including master’s research programs as both the BA and BS programs may lead to various MA or MS programs.

Transferring to Fresno Pacific

Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Information
Mathematics (AS-T) to Applied Mathematics, B.S.

BS courses fulfilled through ADT:

  • All lower-division General Education requirements fulfilled
  • BS co-requisites and major courses fulfilled through ADT:
    • MATH 210   Calculus I (4)
    • MATH 220   Calculus II (4)
    • MATH 230   Calculus III (4)
    • MATH 335   Linear Algebra (3)
    • Or MATH 365   Differential Equations (3)
  • This program is offered as daytime traditional

ADT Guarantee is the completion of BA/BS degree in 68 units.

Course listing

In order to obtain a bachelor’s degree from Fresno Pacific University, students must complete at least 120 units. Along with completing all required courses in their selected area of study, general education requirements must be met by all graduates. See the general education summary in the undergraduate academic catalog for more information.

Select programs may not provide enough units for a student to graduate and therefore an emphasis and/or elective courses must be completed alongside the major. Please see below for emphases related to this area of study.

General Education Or Other Prerequisites

MATH 210
MATH 140
Calculus I
or Pre-Calculus
or 4
CHEM 103General Chemistry I4
PHYS 130University Physics I4
ECON 101
ECON 102
Principles of Microeconomics
or Principles of Macroeconomics
or 3

Supporting Courses (11 Units)

CHEM 104General Chemistry II4
PHYS 131University Physics II4
CSSE 220Programming for Solving Problems4

Required Courses (36 Units)

Mathematics Courses

MATH 210Calculus I4
MATH 220Calculus II4
MATH 230Calculus III4
MATH 335Linear Algebra3
MATH 345Numerical Analysis3
MATH 360Probability and Statistical Methods3
MATH 365Differential Equations3
MATH 370Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 420Real Analysis3
MATH 454Complex Analysis3
MATH 477Independent Research in Mathematics
Must be completed for 2 or more units total. MATH-477 may be repeated for credit.
1 - 3
MATH 485Senior Seminar in Mathematics1

Electives (9 Units)

Select three of the following

MATH 325Introduction to Topology3
MATH 330Abstract Algebra3
MATH 350Problem Solving3
MATH 357Operations Research3
MATH 375Introduction to Game Theory3
MATH 415Advanced Applied Mathematics3
MATH 418Fourier Analysis3
MATH 486Topics: Partial Differential Equations3
 Computer science courses (advisor approval required) 

Program director

Photo of Ron Pratt, Ph.D.

Ron Pratt, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Program Director, Applied Mathematics B.S.