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The California Health Sciences University's (CHSU) School of Pharmacy has withdrawn their candidacy for accreditation with the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. As CHSU was a key partner in our BS Pharmaceutical Sciences program offering more than 30 units of classes, FPU cannot currently offer this degree program without the accredited partnership of CHSU. Students may change their program of interest at FPU to either the Pre-Health Sciences, B.S. with the Pre-M.D./D.O./D.D.S./D.Pharm. emphasis or the Pre-Health Sciences, B.A.. A 4-year bachelor’s degree in either of these programs will still allow an application to all PharmD programs in the nation.


As a pharmaceutical science major at Fresno Pacific University, you’ll gain the knowledge to enter graduate school as you pursue a Doctor of Pharmacy. Through our partnership with California Health Sciences University, you’ll participate in the fast-track program, transferring to CHSU after three years of undergraduate study at FPU and beginning a Doctor of Pharmacy program during your fourth year. This way, you’ll earn your Doctor of Pharmacy degree in just seven years, rather than eight—saving both time and money.



  • Participate in the process of science by designing and executing experiments
  • Complete your B.S. in Pharmaceutical Science and prerequisite requirements for CHSU in 4 years
  • Learn to apply theological and ethical principles to biomedical concerns
  • Priority admission to CHSU for FPU students completing this degree

Career opportunities

The B.S. in Pharmaceutical Science will prepare you to successfully enter graduate school, with priority admission offered at California Health Sciences University. Careers in pharmaceutical sciences include product development, research, production and manufacturing with jobs in the pharmaceutical industry, government agencies, biotech companies and hospitals.

Transferring to Fresno Pacific

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Course listing

In order to obtain a bachelor’s degree from Fresno Pacific University, students must complete at least 120 units. Along with completing all required courses in their selected area of study, general education requirements must be met by all graduates. See the general education summary in the undergraduate academic catalog for more information.

Select programs may not provide enough units for a student to graduate and therefore an emphasis and/or elective courses must be completed alongside the major. Please see below for emphases related to this area of study.

General Education Prerequisites

BIOL 111General Biology: Cells and Physiology4
CHEM 103General Chemistry I4
MATH 210Calculus I4
PSY 120General Psychology3
ECON 101
ECON 102
Principles of Microeconomics
or Principles of Macroeconomics
or 3

Required Courses

BIOL 121General Biology: Diversity and Ecology4
BIOL 331Human Anatomy4
BIOL 332Human Physiology4
BIOL 340Microbiology4
BIOL 370Bioethics3
BIOL 450Genetics4
CHEM 104General Chemistry II4
CHEM 310Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM 311Organic Chemistry II3
CHEM 312LOrganic Chemistry Laboratory I2
CHEM 313LOrganic Chemistry Laboratory II1
BIOL 441
BIOL 421
Cell and Molecular Biology
or Biochemistry
or 4

Program director

Photo of Alan Thompson, Ph.D.

Alan Thompson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Biology, Program Director, Pharmaceutical Science, Pre-Health Sciences & Biology B.A.


Photo of Karen Cianci, Ph.D.

Karen Cianci, Ph.D.

Dean of the School of Natural Sciences

Photo of Michael Kunz

Michael Kunz, Ph.D.

Program Director, Environmental Science & Environmental Studies

Photo of Krista Edmiston, Ph.D.

Krista Edmiston, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology

Photo of Andrew Sensenig

Andrew T. Sensenig, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Program Director, Biology B.S.