Examine various aspects of religion in general and learn how to approach discussions of contemporary topics with the religious studies emphasis.


  • A flexible structure allows students to take courses that target future career goals.
  • The religious studies emphasis offers courses on religions of the world, the relationship between religion and politics, the philosophy of religion and interactions between culture and the church.

Career opportunities

Graduates with a biblical studies emphasis possess the knowledge necessary to pursue careers and advanced study specifically in Christian ministries, church leadership and Christian education, but the knowledge developed can be beneficial in any position.

Course listing

Required Courses

REL-405Philosophy of Religion3
REL-418Culture, Religion and the Church3
REL-452Christianity in the Non-Western World3

Select 18 units from the following with at least one course each in bib, phil and theo:

BIB-106Classical Greek I3
BIB-107Classical Greek II3
BIB-115Hebrew I4
BIB-116Hebrew II4
BIB-304Paul and His Teaching3
BIB-441Biblical Interpretation: to 18th Century3
BIB-442Biblical Interpretation: 19th-21st Centuries3
BLIT-310-349Biblical Literature (OT or NT)3
COM-380Film Studies3
HIST-321Anabaptist/Mennonite History and Thought3
HIST-350American Religious History3
HIST-360Greece: Drama and Paideia in the Polis4
HIST-365Rome: Politics, Pagans and Patristics4
HIST-370Medieval Life, Thought and Literature4
HIST-380Reformation History and Theology4
HIST-410Modern Latin America: History, Politics and Culture3
LIT-460Critical Approaches to Literature3
MIN-379Spiritual Formation2
PHIL-100Introduction to Philosophy3
PHIL-103Logic and Critical Thinking3
PHIL-110Introduction to Philosophical Ethics3
PHIL-330Ancient Philosophy and Rhetoric4
PHIL-333Medieval Philosophy3
PHIL-335Modern Philosophy3
PHIL-393Twentieth Century Western Thought3
PHIL-430American Wilderness Literature and Philosophy3
PHIL-450History of Political Theory and Ideas3
PHIL-455Philosophy of Language3
PHIL-460Philosophy of History3
PS-390Religion and Politics in America4
SPAN-330Latin American Thought: Readings in Spanish3
THEO-365Current Perspectives on Mission3
THEO-425Theological Ethics and the Environment3
THEO-430Contemporary Theologies3
THEO-434Theologies of Radical Discipleship3
THEO-445Biblical Theologies of Mission3
THEO-465Theological Ethics of Conflict and Peacemaking3

Note: Students may cross over no more than one focus series course with coursework in the major.